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​“For decades I've gotten great advice and traded with David Macias, Sunshine Energy & Commodities is a sure winner." 

​​-Clay E. Buzzard, Middle Atlantic Warehouse Distributors, Inc.. - a Crains NY 100 Company

​“Sunshine Energy & Commodities has a trusted and knowledgeable person with David Macias at the helm.  I've known and done business with David for over 20 years, and has a real pulse on Financial Markets and Commodities.”

​​-Robert L. Marcalus, Marcal Paper Mills -a Crains NY 100 Company

​“David is a hard worker with no-nonsense approach and a good understanding of the Global Markets.”

​​-Marty Shafiroff, Lehman Bros. - New York, NY


Kelly Busch, Autism Society of Florida

Thank you so much! We are 100% volunteers, so every dollar counts and we put every dollar back into the supports and services we provide. You are greatly appreciated (David Macias)!

Current Ongoing Humanitarian Solutions Implemented

by Sunshine Energy & Commodities


SEC's Primary Charitable Contribution:


A Founding Member of 6 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Initiatives & Global Awareness Groups.

Sunshine Energy & Commodities on its own and through its CEO/Chairman David Macias contribute, Time, Funds, and Resources to active Support and Discussion Groups. These efforts including Fundraising Events and Charity Balls for 5,000,000 Private Members through several Social Media Outlets, including Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, as well as Planned Gatherings at Local Parks, Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels via a Network of Parents, Teachers, Students, and Children and/or Adults of all ages with Autism to promote Programs, Education, and General Help to all in need of assistance when on The Spectrum.

Some of these Organizations and Groups include:  U.S.-Based Non-Profit Charity Autism Speaks with over 2,200,000 Members, Autism Awareness with over 2,300,000 Members, additionally, Autism Parents Support and Discussion Groups with over 100,000 Members, and the Autism Dads Support Group, the Autism Family Support Group, including active, ongoing Donations to the Autism Society of Florida, and other State, City, and Local Community and Church Group efforts together.

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