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David Macias, CEO/Chairman


 A Physical Commodities Trading and Supply Chain Hub & Ecosystem



Sunshine Energy & Commodities is one of the fastest-growing Energy Traders worldwide today. Sunshine Energy & Commodities is an experienced Trade Finance Expert and highly-regarded Physical Commodities Trader with a global reach. 


Sunshine Energy & Commodities, Inc. (SEC), for the past 23 years has been a Trader, Trade Financier, and Marketer of Raw Materials for Physical Commodities and Real-World Assets (RWA). Our Advisory and Consulting Business provides Physical Bulk Cargos of Commodities, including Crude Oils and various Petroleum-Based products including Fuel Oil, Petcoke, as well as both Metallurgical and Thermal (Steam) Coal, and other Commodities worldwide.


Sunshine Energy & Commodities sources through its long-term relationships, has access to physical deliveries of Commodities with Registered/Licensed Trading Firms via State-Owned Energy Companies, Power Plants, Mills, as well as Trade Desks of Majors, and several Mining (Metals and Minerals) firms worldwide.


Sunshine Energy & Commodities has created a Proprietary Platform, The Commodities Mining Exchange (CMX™), providing a unique Trade Finance Hub for Investors, Trade Financiers, Mining Companies, Energy Producers, and End-Users alike. Our long-term Relationships and Know-How initiate access to significant arbitrage opportunities and high profit solutions for both short-term and long-term Off-Take Agreements.

Sunshine Energy & Commodities...Advocating Fair Trade Globally.

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